Default Column Settings

The Default Column Configuration feature in DocBits allows administrators to set default columns for data extraction in AI Tables. This feature ensures that essential data fields are automatically extracted for every document. Users can also reveal additional columns, initially hidden, for specific documents when necessary.

Accessing the Default Column Settings

Log into your DocBits account with administrator privileges.

From the Dashboard, select Settings. Next, select Document Types.

Select the document type you wish to edit the table columns of, in this example the Invoice document type is being edited.

You will then be taken to the page below, here you can add, edit or delete the default table columns of the document1 type you selected.

Defining Default Columns

  • In the Settings section, find the Table Columns area.
  • Here, you’ll see a list of column names such as ‘DESCRIPTION’, ‘PURCHASE_ORDER’, ‘QUANTITY’, etc.
  • For each column, decide whether it should be included by default by toggling the switch in the Action column to ‘ON’ for default inclusion.
  • After selecting the necessary columns, click on the “Speichern” (Save) button to set the defaults.

Managing Columns for Specific Documents

  • When working with individual documents, users may require additional fields that are not included by default.
  • At the bottom of the document view, users can click on the “Show non mapped columns” button.
  • This will reveal all the available columns, including those not set as default.
  • Users can select the necessary columns for this specific document, which will be included in the data extraction for that instance.

Modifying Default Column Settings

  • Return to the Settings tab to adjust the default columns.
  • Change the default settings by toggling the switches as desired.
  • Click Save to confirm the new default settings.

Resetting Default Column Settings

  • To revert to the original default settings, access the “Einstellungen” tab and reset the toggles to their initial positions.
  • Confirm by clicking the Save button.


  • If issues arise while setting default columns, check your administrative privileges and ensure your session is active.
  • Contact DocBits support through the “Support” tab for unresolved issues or guidance.


1. Can default column settings be overridden for individual documents?

Yes, users can reveal and select additional columns for specific documents as needed.

2. Is there a limit to how many columns can be set as default?

No, administrators can set any number of columns as default based on the organization’s requirements.

3. Do changes to default settings affect previously processed documents?

No, changes to default settings will only apply to documents processed afterward.

The Default Column Configuration feature simplifies the data extraction process by allowing administrators to define which fields should be extracted by default. This ensures that vital information is consistently captured across all documents, while still providing flexibility to include additional data as needed on a per-document basis. Efficient and customizable, this feature is tailored to adapt to the varying needs of your organization’s document handling processes.

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