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How medi reduces order processing time
through the use of DocBits!

about MEDI

Around 1,800 employees at medi’s Bayreuth site (around 3,000 worldwide) make a significant contribution to making people feel better. The aim is to enable users and patients to achieve maximum therapeutic success in the medical field (medi Medical) and also a unique body feeling in the sports and fashion segment (CEP and ITEM m6). medi Medical’s range of services includes medical compression stockings, adaptive compression fittings, supports, orthoses, thrombosis prophylaxis stockings, compression garments, orthopaedic insoles and digital health solutions. In addition, the many years of experience in the field of compression technology also flows into the development of sports and fashion products. The foundation stone for the internationally successful company was laid in Bayreuth in 1951. Today, medi supplies products to over 90 countries around the world through a network of distributors and its own subsidiaries.

The challenge

Automation of incoming order forms

medi was faced with the challenge of having to manually process the incoming order forms, most of which were handwritten. As a result, recording the data from the order forms is a very complex process step, which is why medi decided to simplify these processes by using an intelligent and modern software solution.

The solution

DocBits for the automation and processing of incoming documents

After an in-depth analysis, medi decided to implement the DocBits OCR capture solution from FELLOWPRO AG. DocBits as a cloud-based platform for automatic AI-supported document automation and processing enabled medi to solve the current challenge.

“With DocBits, we were able to establish automatic workflows for some* of the handwritten orders and to reduce the processing time for orders that can be read by the system.“

*so far, only some of the form layouts have been introduced. Further form layouts are constantly being developed in close cooperation with medi and integrated into their systems.

Benefits for the customer

High Performance

Autoscaling - automatic adjustment of resources to current requirements Document processing


Through reduced manual effort and optimized processes


handwritten documents can be read out

Diverse document types

Support for a range of document types



Simple handling without technical know-how

seamless Integration

Smooth linking with existing systems, including Infor Cloudsuite, M3 and IDM


A solution that can grow with your requirements

AI with ML

Intelligent technology without complex template creation

International Support

More than 128 languages and international e-invoice

The project proved to be very complex, the implementation of the SaaS software was challenging – and yet it was a quick and great success! medi successfully switched the project to LIVE status together with the manufacturer FELLOWPRO AG in July 2023. An important key factor for medi was that DocBits could be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT systems.

“There was always a respectful cooperation with a high degree of solution orientation”

Today, all orders, regardless of how they arrive at medi, first pass through the artificial intelligence of the DocBits OCR Capture solution. It makes no difference whether the data is available in machine or handwritten form. The artificial swarm intelligence achieves best-in-class recognition values worldwide. The solution can even cope with different order form layouts. The determination of article numbers, a special requirement of medi, was successfully solved by a customized algorithm from DocBits. This algorithm understands and applies medi’s sophisticated logic.

DocBits impressed with its high performance, ease of use and simple design and was able to simplify the process of entering order forms for employees.


medi GmbH & Co. KG


Production of medical products

Number of employees

(worldwide, 2023)

approx. 1,800 at the Bayreuth site
(approx. 3,000 worldwide)


Bayreuth (DE)


for the automation and processing of incoming documents