Azure SSO

Create SAML SSO in Azure AD

Perform the following steps to add SAML SSO in Azure AD:
  • In Azure, go to your `Azure Active Directory` console
  • In the left panel, click `Enterprise applications`
  • Click `+ New application`
  • Click `+ Create your own application`
  • Enter a name for your application. Keep the remaining default selections.
  • Click on `Create`

Assign Users to the SSO Configuration

Next, assign users or groups to the SSO configuration.
Important: You should already have created users and groups in Azure AD. If you don’t have any users or groups, create them now before proceeding.
  • Under `Getting Started`, click `Assign Users and Groups`.
  • Click `+ Add user`
  • Select the users and groups you want to assign to this SSO configuration. These users will be able to authenticated in DocBits (using SSO).
  • Click `Select`
  • When you’re satisfied with your selection, click `Assign`
  • Go to the `Groups` view list and find the assigned groups.

Set up SSO in Azure

Next, you need to finish setting up single-sign-on in Azure.

  • In the left panel, click `Single sign-on`
  • Click `SAML`
  • Click `Upload metadata file`
  • Upload the DocBits metadata.xml, which you can find in the Settings menu Integration under SSO Service Provider Settings of your DocBits account.
  • Edit the `Basic SAML Configuration`
  • Check if the `Entity ID`, `ACS URL`, `Sign on URL` and `Logout URL` are populated right.
  • Download the newly generated Federation Metadata XML.
  • Upload the FederationMetadata.xml into the Identity Service Provider Settings of your DocBits account which you can find in the Settings menu Integration.
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