PO Matching

There are three ways you can match your Purchase Order:

  • with the corresponding invoice
  • with the corresponding order confirmation and delivery note
    All three components must match within agreed-upon tolerance levels. It is then entered into the AP system.
  • with all the above documents, as well as control information such as the actual number of items delivered and their quality control. Once all 4 components match, the invoice is entered into the AP database.


Corresponding settings must be made in DocBits  under Settings → Modules → Purchase Order

On documents, the Purchase Order is listed either in the headers or, for some, in the table rows.

During validation, the supplier’s PO must be extracted correctly.


When this is activated, you match the purchase order (PO) to the supplier invoice. In this way you make sure that what you ordered is what you get billed for.


This adds another layer by matching the purchase order (PO) to both the delivery note and the supplier invoice, this allows you to confirm that you have received what you ordered as well as get billed the correct amount.

Keyboard accessibility for PO Matching

Click on the PO Matching required Button of your Document on dashboard

You will find the Keyboard Shortcuts by clicking on the keyboard icon

Keyboard Shortcuts for PO Matching

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