Invoice Approval

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Invoice Approval

This document outlines the software solution design for an approval workflow system for cost invoices. The system will be integrated with the DocBits software, which is responsible for classifying and extracting necessary information from invoices. The workflow will involve the validation of extracted information by the finance department, and depending on the type of invoice, it will either be directly exported to Infor IDM and LN, M3, and MDS (for purchase order-related invoices) or follow an approval process (for cost-related invoices).


The approval workflow system will consist of the following components:

DocBits – Extraction
DocBits will receive invoices from user or email import for validation and processing. It will classify and extract relevant information from the invoices.

DocBits – Validation
DocBits will be provided for the finance department to validate invoices, select cost centers, and specify approvers.

DocBits – Workflow Engine
This component manages the workflow, routing invoices based on their total amount and handling approver assignments.

Email Notification Service
DocBits will send email notifications to approvers, reminding them to review and approve or reject invoices. It will also notify the finance department in certain cases.

Integration with Infor IDM and LN
For approved invoices, the system will export data to Infor IDM and LN, M3, and MDS. For rejected invoices, it will export data to Infor IDM only.

DocBits will store and manage data related to invoices, approval status, and workflow history. We will differentiate between two dashboards: Approver vs. Finance Department.


Invoice Approval by DocBits streamlines the approval workflow for cost invoices, ensuring efficient processing and compliance with financial policies. It will integrate seamlessly with DocBits and Infor systems while providing a user-friendly interface for the finance department and automatic email notifications for approvers.

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