AI Table Extraction

Have you ever wondered how much time you could save if you didn’t need to manually train tables for documents?

Well, then you are in luck!

Introducing AI Table extraction feature from DocBits. This feature allows you to effortlessly train documents using artificial intelligence and FELLOWPRO expertise.

AI Extraction

It would usually take you a few minutes to train a table like the one below.

With AI Table extraction, all it takes is to upload your document and the table will automatically be extracted and displayed on the validation screen to you.

AI Table extraction can handle most tables but when it comes to more complex tables with unique layouts, there may be complications. For this reason we have added a prompt area underneath the extracted table.

Prompt Area

In the provided space, you can write certain prompts that help inform the automated table extraction system how to better extract the table.

In the example below, the following prompt was used to extract a field.

By typing in what the extracted value should be for Position 00010 Quantity, the exact value can be extracted. This is useful when a table is very complex.

Additional Tools

You also have the following available to you once the table has been extracted.

Ignore table validation: This feature allows you to bypass any errors that the extracted table might cause which does not allow you to export the document.

Add new table column: Allows you to add additional columns to the extracted table.

Delete table: Remove the extracted table

Block table extraction for supplier: Once pressed, AI table extraction will not longer take place in future for the supplier selected.

Table extraction view: This takes you to the regular table extraction view, for more, click here.

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