Here you can find the specific module settings and the corresponding documentation.

DocBits Modules

Module: Approval

  • Approve Before Export: Enable this feature to review and approve documents before they are exported to other systems.

  • Second Approval: For sensitive documents that require an extra layer of scrutiny, enable a second approval step.

Module: Purchase Order / Auto Accounting

  • Purchase Order: Manage and track purchase orders directly within DocBits.

  • Selected PO Matching: Automatically match selected purchase orders with corresponding invoices or receipts.

  • Auto Accounting: Enable this feature to automatically categorize and account for invoices.

  • Invoice Only Feature: Special settings for handling invoices without the need for a purchase order.

Module: Document Type

  • Workflow Builder: Create custom workflows for different types of documents.

  • Layout Builder: Customize the layout of documents for better readability and compliance.

  • Annotation Mode: Add annotations or notes to documents.

  • Show Report: Generate reports based on document types and their statuses.

Module: Models & Labels

  • Document Script: Write custom scripts to handle specific document types or actions.

  • Document Scan: Enable OCR and other scanning features for document ingestion.

  • QR-Code Extraction: Extract data from QR codes embedded in documents.

Module: IDM ACL Updater

  • Update Access Control Lists (ACLs) for documents stored in IDM.

Module: ION Mapping File

  • Manage and update the ION mapping files for seamless integration with other systems.