Infor SSO

Step by step guide


Required Information Description
Login Details to Cloud
Credentials are mandatory for accessing the Infor Cloud environment. The user should have the roles "Infor-SystemAdministrator" and "UserAdmin".
Config Admin Details (DocBits)
You should have received an email from FellowPro AG with the login details for the DocBits SSO Settings page. You will need login and password.
You can download the certificate in DocBits under SSO Service Provider Settings

Get access to the Cloud and check your access

URL starts with<TENANT_NAME> followed by your personal extension

a) Choose the option Cloud Identities and use your login details

b) After login you will have access to the Infor Cloud. In this case we enter this page, but on the burger menu you will find access to all application.

Open User Management for adding new Service Provider

On the right hand side of the bar menu, you will find the user menu and there you can access the user management

a) Then you need to select in the left hand side menu the option Security Administration and Service Provider.

b. You will see this window with the Service Providers.

c. Now click on the “+” sign and add our DocBits as Service Provider. (View step 4)


a) Log in on URL with the login details you received from us.

b) Go to SETTINGS (on top bar) and select INTEGRATION, under SSO Service Provider Settings you will find all the information you need for the following steps.

c) Download the certificate

Filling the Service Provider with the help of SSO Service Provider Settings in DocBits (DOC²)

Field Value
Application Type
Display Name
Entity ID
SSO Endpoint
Copy the SSO URL from SSO SERVICE SETTINGS and paste it in the SSO Endpoint field.
Signing Certificate
Upload the appropriate .cer file you have downloaded in step 3c) from SSO SERVICE SETTINGS
Name ID Format and Mapping

a) When you have filled out everything remember to save it with the disk icon above Application Type

b) Then, enter the service provider DocBits again.

c) Click on view the Identity Provider Information underneath.

d) Export the SAML METADATA.

File looks like this: ServiceProviderSAMLMetadata_10_20_2021.xml

Import the SAML METADATA in the SSO Settings.

Go to IDENTITY SERVICE PROVIDER SETTINGS, which is located under INTEGRATIONS in SETTINGS. Enter your Tenant ID (e.g. FELLOWPRO_DEV) and underneath that line you see Upload file and the IMPORT Button, where you need to upload the previously exported SAML METADATA file.

a) Click on IMPORT and then choose the METADATA file that you have already downloaded from the SSO SERVICE PROVIDER SETTINGS

b) Click on CONFIGURE

Add new Application in infor Ming.le

a) Go to Admin settings

b) Click on ADD APPLICATION in the top right corner

c) Fill out all fields like on following picture but with your own SSO Url, don’t forget to choose icon and click on SAVE

And now the last step:

  • Log out of DocBits.
  • Go back to the burger menu in Infor and select the icon you just created.
  • And you will be taken to the Dashboard of DocBits.
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