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Clear structures, Efficient processes:

How Sefar uses DocBits to optimize its invoice receipt processes

About Sefar

«More than fabric...»

Sefar is a world leader in precision meshes for screen printing and filtration. Sefar products are used in a wide range of applications, from the electronics, graphics, medical technology, automotive, food and pharmaceutical industries to raw materials extraction and architecture, and are backed by extensive know-how and a global network of subsidiaries and manufacturing centers in 25 countries on 6 continents, offering customers optimum solutions for their industrial processes and applications.

The Challenge

Digitization and automation of incoming invoices and simplification of the entire invoice receipt process

As a globally active company, Sefar was faced with the challenge of digitizing and, above all, simplifying incoming supplier invoices and the entire invoice receipt process. This required a careful revision and redefinition of the previous workflows.

In order to simplify the invoice receipt process, Sefar decided to implement an intelligent and modern software solution.

The solution

DocBits for the automation and processing of supplier invoices

After a thorough evaluation phase, Sefar decided to work with FELLOWPRO AG and implement DocBits, an advanced cloud-based platform for automated document processing with AI support. This decision was based on the seamless integration of DocBits into the existing ERP system Infor LN, which promised quick implementation and ease of use.

“DocBits is a clean and fully integrated software solution in Infor LN which promises a simple introduction and fast implementation."
Sebastiaan van der Meij
Sebastiaan van der Meij
Head Group Finance, Sefar AG

The introduction of DocBits made it possible to digitize the entire invoice receipt process, which significantly reduced manual processing and thus minimized the susceptibility to errors. The automation enabled invoices to be processed more efficiently and accurately. DocBits’ user interface proved to be intuitive and user-friendly, which minimized the amount of training required for employees and enabled them to become familiar with the system quickly.

A particularly impressive feature of DocBits is its ability to fully automate invoices, provided that internal processes have been well thought out and optimized beforehand. With the integrated workflow tools and scripting capabilities, Sefar was able to create customized processes to meet the company’s specific requirements. This resulted in increased process reliability and a significant reduction in processing time.

“The introduction of DocBits has increased process reliability and reduced the susceptibility to errors.“
Sebastiaan van der Meij
Sebastiaan van der Meij
Head Group Finance, Sefar AG

Benefits for the customer


Time savings

90% increase in document processing efficiency

Cost savings

Through reduced manual effort and optimized processes


Higher accuracy

More than 90% of data is extracted automatically

document types

Supports a wide range of document types


Ease of use

Simple handling without technical know-how

Seamless integration

Smooth integration with existing systems, including Infor Cloudsuite, M3, and IDM


A solution that can grow with your needs

AI with ML

Intelligent technology without complex template creation

International support

more than 128 languages and international e-invoice

Although the efficiency gains are not yet fully measurable, as further automation steps are planned, an improved structuring of the workflows has already been seen. Sefar plans to expand automation further once DocBits has processed enough data to deliver even more accurate and efficient results. Overall, DocBits provides a comprehensive solution that helped Sefar to successfully make the transition to digital and automated processes.

“Working with the Sefar team was a lot of fun. Their patience during the development phases and their constructive feedback were invaluable to us.“

Future vision and expansion plans

Continuous optimization and increased efficiency through innovative solutions

A thoroughly successful automation project, but it doesn’t stop there. In the future, Sefar plans to expand DocBits to other companies and implement additional enhancements such as order confirmations and purchase orders. These enhancements are part of Sefar’s long-term strategy to continuously improve workflows and increase efficiency.

"We knew from the outset that we were being offered a good product and that a good and satisfactory solution was possible."
Sebastiaan van der Meij
Sebastiaan van der Meij
Head Group Finance, Sefar AG
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