ZUGFeRD import

Export and Download Documents as ZUGFeRD-PDF and Peppol BIS Billing

With DocBits, you can easily export and download your documents as ZUGFeRD-PDF and Peppol BIS Billing. Follow the steps below to set up the necessary export settings.

Import ZUGFeRD to DocBits

Learn how to import ZUGFeRD to DocBits by watching this video:

Export ZUGFeRD to IDM

Learn how to export ZUGFeRD to IDM by watching this video:
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Set up the necessary export settings as follows

  1. Navigate to SETTINGS above the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the EXPORT menu item in the settings.
  3. Create a new configuration via the NEW button.
  4. Select ZUGFeRD in the following screen.
  5. Enter the necessary information and click on `SAVE`.
Don’t forget to enter your Company Information.
When everything is set up correctly, a new download button will appear in the dashboard after a document is finished.
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