Infor Document Processor vs. DocBits

Infor vs Docbits

With Infor’s announcement to launch their own Document Processor in October 2023, the current solution, Infor IDM Capture, is increasingly fading into the background.

Personnel file

Personnel file

Today, in most companies a personnel file is kept for each employee. Not because it is obligatory – no – but because it is in the interest of both parties. In Germany, there is only an obligation to keep a personnel file in the public sector (authorities), but not in the private sector. 

Reports / Protocols


We encounter reports and minutes in many areas of daily life. They are important documents that are often used as written records of events, discussions or results and serve as proof or evidence of a certain action or decision.



A contract is a legal agreement between two or more parties (e.g., between individuals, businesses, or between an individual and a business) that establishes certain rights and obligations.



What do you think is meant by this? The voices in our head? No, it’s not that bad. What is meant in this case are forms. Nobody likes them but still they define our everyday life, be it privately or in the company, but especially in our governmental affairs

Credit note

credit note

A special invoice is a credit note / billing credit note. Unlike a traditional invoice, a credit note is not written by the service provider, but by the service recipient (“customer”). This is why the settlement credit note is also called a “reverse invoice”.

We have received the order and it is being processed…

Order conirmation

Ever heard or received a message of this kind? For sure. Everyone who has ordered from Amazon, has also ever received a message about the acceptance of his order. This message is nothing more than the so-called order confirmation (AB).

Online retail lives on it …


Without any order, online retail cannot survive. But orders are also the order of the day in manufacturing companies or for service providers. Orders are documents that companies either place or receive.