Outstanding Issues with PO Compliance

In a modern DocBits solution by FELLOWPRO AG, addressing outstanding issues with purchase order (PO) compliance, especially when there’s a valid PO number but discrepancies between the supplier on the invoice and the payee supplier on the PO, would follow these steps:

Automated Data Extraction and Validation

Initially, DocBits extracts key data from the invoice, including the PO number, supplier name, and payee details. It then validates these details against the corresponding PO in the system.

Discrepancy Detection

When DocBits identifies a mismatch, such as a valid PO number but different supplier details on the invoice and PO, it flags this as a compliance issue. This is important as the mismatch could indicate a clerical error or potential fraud.

Notification and Escalation

The system automatically notifies relevant personnel, like the accounts payable team, about the discrepancy. This notification is integrated within the DocBits system.

Manual Review and Investigation

A team member is assigned to review the flagged invoice. They may check additional documents or contact the listed suppliers to verify details.

Supplier Verification and Correction

If it's a minor error, the correct supplier details are obtained and updated. For more complex issues, further investigation might be needed to understand the mismatch.


After updating the correct details, the invoice is reprocessed in DocBits. The system then re-validates the corrected invoice against the PO, ensuring compliance.

Approval and Payment Processing

Following successful validation, the invoice proceeds to approval and payment processing. This may include checks for other compliance factors like correct billing amounts and terms.

Continuous Learning

DocBits, with its machine learning capabilities, learns from each discrepancy and manual correction, enhancing its accuracy and efficiency in handling similar future issues.

Reporting and Analytics

DocBits maintains records of all discrepancies and resolutions. This data is useful for reporting, compliance audits, and improving procurement processes.

In summary, DocBits streamlines handling PO compliance issues by combining automated data processing with manual interventions, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in invoice processing.


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