Infor Document Processor vs. DocBits

Infor vs Docbits

With Infor’s announcement to launch their own Document Processor in October 2023, the current solution, Infor IDM Capture, is increasingly fading into the background.

Infor CloudSuite Automotive


Infor CloudSuite Automotive The future of the automotive industry A manufacturer of brake discs, wheel hubs, connecting rods and other automotive parts needs a system that is tailored to its industry. A system that can integrate not only with legacy systems, but also with preconfigured interfaces to its customers and suppliers. To be successful in […]

infor community listen up!


Great news: we would like to share it with you. As of today, you can find DocBits, the best solution for your documentprocessing with the highest infor integration, on the informarketplace.

DocBits Integration to Infor


DocBits is the newest document capturing software and solution developed by FELLOWPRO and it’s a completely AI and cloud-based solution

DocBits Demo


DocBits Integration with Infor IDM and Infor LN or Infor M3 – Infor OS makes it easy to integrated other application.