The power of robotic process automation

RPA for your organisation

In the ever-changing business world, efficiency is the key to success. Companies are looking for innovative solutions to optimise their processes and increase their productivity. One such solution that has been attracting more and more attention in recent years is robotic process automation (RPA).

The benefits of RPA for your organisation

Increased efficiency:

RPA enables the automation of repetitive, manual tasks, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency. Employees can concentrate on more demanding tasks while RPA takes over routine work.

Error reduction:

By eliminating human error sources, RPA minimises the likelihood of errors in business processes. This leads to higher accuracy and quality of work.

Cost savings:

Automating processes with RPA leads to significant cost savings. The reduced need for human intervention reduces labour costs and minimises the need for additional resources.

Fast implementation:

Compared to traditional IT projects, RPA can be implemented quickly. This allows organisations to quickly reap the benefits of automation.

Now that you have recognised the benefits of RPA for your company, the question arises as to how you can integrate this technology into various aspects of your business. This is where an innovative software solution like “DocBits” comes into play.

DocBits: The future of document processing

DocBits is a state-of-the-art, simple and efficient software solution for document processing. Whether invoices, e-invoices, order confirmations or other documents, DocBits processes them quickly and accurately. Thanks to advanced technologies such as AI swarm intelligence and machine learning, DocBits is constantly learning.

With DocBits, companies benefit from:

Speed and precision:

DocBits enables lightning-fast processing of documents with maximum precision, minimising human error.


The software is versatile and can process different types of documents, making it a flexible solution for organisations.

Cost efficiency:

By automating document processing, organisations can achieve significant cost savings, especially in terms of manual data entry and verification.

Continuous improvement:

Thanks to AI swarm intelligence and machine learning, DocBits is continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

Seamless integration:

DocBits offers smooth integration into your existing Infor ERP system, enabling seamless collaboration and data exchange. This not only optimises workflows, but also maximises the efficiency of your overall business processes.

Overall, the integration of RPA, especially through advanced software solutions such as DocBits, enables companies to not only conduct business more efficiently, but also gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly digitalised world. Harness the power of automation to take your business to the next level.

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The power of robotic process automation

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