AI: The Game-Changer for Infor ERP Documents

The dawning of artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the realm of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. A testament to this evolution is AI’s integration into Infor ERP’s document management.

The AI Revolution in ERP Systems

AI’s incorporation in ERP platforms is a noteworthy trend. Industry leaders such as Microsoft Syntex, Azure Form Recognizer, and Google Document AI are spearheading this movement. These tools are revolutionizing document processing, data extraction, workflow automation, and approval procedures.

Meet DocBits

DocBits, a creation of FELLOWPRO AG, is a major player in this AI revolution. This clever document processing tool automates the management of inbound documents, identifies handwriting via OCR, classifies documents utilizing AI, and extracts data.

What Makes DocBits Special

Unique features such as Auto Accounting, which automatically splits and allocates values from extracted documents to different accounts, and AI Table Extraction, which autonomously identifies and extracts tables from documents, make DocBits stand out. It also integrates with Infor ERP to validate data and initiate approval workflows.

Infor's AI Powerhouse

Simultaneously, Infor’s proprietary, enterprise-grade AI platform is boosting efficiency, reducing expenses, predicting trends, focusing on customers, optimizing sales pricing, and caring for employees. This platform houses features like Operational Intelligence, which automates process triggers, and Asset Intelligence, which employs predictive analytics to maximize asset lifespan.

Introducing Coleman AI

A gem of Infor’s AI package is the Coleman AI. It encompasses an AI algorithm library, the Augmented Intelligence Service, and the Coleman Digital Assistant. These tools collaboratively enhance Infor ERP’s document management capabilities.

Together, these AI tools are instigating a significant shift in Infor ERP’s document management. They automate document processing, extract vital information, and streamline data validation and approval workflows.


As we delve deeper into AI’s potential, tools like DocBits and Coleman AI are shaping an exhilarating future. The fusion of AI into Infor ERP is not a mere upgrade; it’s a revolution set to transform document management within ERP systems.

Looking Ahead

The future beckons more AI-powered tools to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of document management in ERP systems. As we usher in this new era, document management within ERP systems will become more accessible and user-friendly, all thanks to AI.

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AI: The Game-Changer for Infor ERP Documents

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