Mastering PO Matching with DocBits for Infor ERP

A Tailored Guide

Navigating the intricacies of Infor ERP document management requires a tool that’s both precise and efficient. Enter DocBits — a beacon of innovation in AI swarm intelligence that transforms PO matching into a streamlined process. This guide unveils how DocBits revolutionizes PO matching within the Infor ERP ecosystem with unparalleled accuracy and ease.

Single PO, Multiple Invoices: The Infor ERP Edge

Handling a single PO with numerous invoice lines is a common yet complex task. DocBits elevates the Infor ERP experience by accurately linking multiple invoices to their corresponding POs, fostering a seamless accounting journey and impeccable item traceability.

Advanced Matching: A DocBits Specialty

Whether it’s a variety of received quantities against multiple POs or different deliveries, DocBits’ integration with Infor ERP ensures each item is matched with its PO accurately. This meticulous attention to detail is critical for maintaining precise financial records and operational transparency.

Item Numbers and Unit Prices: Harmonizing Data

With DocBits, the potential confusion of identical item numbers or different unit prices across invoices is elegantly managed. It aligns with Infor ERP’s data structure to ensure consistency, accommodating discounts, and bulk pricing, which are crucial for financial accuracy.

Effortless Splitting Solutions

Manual splits of invoice lines can be taxing. However, DocBits’ synergy with Infor ERP automates this process, saving time and minimizing errors. It’s the perfect example of how intelligent systems can enhance operational workflows.

Tolerance in Transactions: The Smart Approach

Discrepancies in ordered and received quantities are no match for the intelligent algorithms of DocBits. Integrated with Infor ERP, it skillfully manages tolerances and suggests appropriate actions, aligning with business norms and specific contractual nuances.

Integration Beyond Numbers

DocBits does more than just crunch numbers within Infor ERP; it facilitates essential communication between customers and purchasing departments, ensuring any discrepancies are swiftly addressed, all within the DocBits environment.


DocBits is more than an add-on; it’s a comprehensive solution for Infor ERP, designed to perfect the art of PO matching. Embrace the future of document management with DocBits, where accuracy meets efficiency in Infor ERP operations.

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Mastering PO Matching with DocBits for Infor ERP

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