Infor Document Processor vs. DocBits

An Analytical Perspective on Document Management

With Infor’s announcement to launch their own Document Processor in October 2023, the current solution, Infor IDM Capture, is increasingly fading into the background. This transition raises important questions for decision-makers and financial accountants who are looking for the optimal document management solution. In this blog article, we shed light on the advantages that DocBits offers over the new Infor Document Processor.

The Current State of Infor Document Processor

  1. Language Support: Currently, the product is only available in English, and it remains unclear when other languages will be supported.

  2. User Interface: Infor relies on AWS Transact technology, leaving much to be desired in terms of user-friendliness and aesthetic design of the interface. 

Why DocBits Deserves Your Attention

Multilingual Support

DocBits is already available in more than 120 various languages, allowing for broad applicability in international contexts

Intuitive User Interface

DocBits offers a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing user interface. Additionally, no programming is required to effectively utilize the system.

Accuracy and Efficiency

DocBits impresses with an accuracy rate of over 95% in information extraction.

Cost Structure

Our fair-use pricing model calculates costs based on the number of document pages processed, ensuring an excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Comprehensive Support

We offer extensive training materials and customer support to make your onboarding as smooth as possible. A 30-day free trial is also available. 


While Infor Document Processor may have its own merits, DocBits provides a range of significant advantages, making it a first-class choice for document management in conjunction with Infor ERP. We warmly invite you to learn more about DocBits and experience the many possibilities it offers firsthand. 

For more information, we recommend diving into the world of DocBits and experiencing our product for yourself. 

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Infor vs Docbits

Infor Document Processor vs. DocBits

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