Efficient invoice processing with DocBits

Efficient invoice processing with DocBits Simplify your document processing with AI Invoice processing is a time-consuming and tedious task that is a major challenge in many businesses. Not only can manually capturing, reviewing, and processing invoices take a lot of time, but it can also lead to human error. After all, as the saying goes, […]

How you can work with other companies to automate your document processing

document processing

How you can work with other companies to automate your document processing This might seem contradictory at first sight but it is really possible to optimize your processes by working in a community with other companies and even your competitors. This can be simply achieved by introducing swarmintelligence. So what does this term exactly mean? […]

We have received the order and it is being processed…

Order conirmation

Ever heard or received a message of this kind? For sure. Everyone who has ordered from Amazon, has also ever received a message about the acceptance of his order. This message is nothing more than the so-called order confirmation (AB).

Online retail lives on it …


Without any order, online retail cannot survive. But orders are also the order of the day in manufacturing companies or for service providers. Orders are documents that companies either place or receive.

Document processing with DocBits Version 2.0

document processing

The extraction of data from PDFs and scanned documents might not be the most interesting or challenging issue of the century. It doesn’t give you the opportunity to control a robot, play virtual games or helps you express your creativity.