Why Levenshtein distance is essential in document processing

In today’s business world, where accuracy and efficiency in document processing are of paramount importance, Levenshtein distance plays a crucial role. It is especially important for IT professionals, accountants and business professionals who work with large volumes of data and documents. In this blog post, we look at how Levenshtein distance is used to correct common errors in text documents and why it is so valuable.

What is the Levenshtein distance?

Levenshtein distance, named after Vladimir Levenshtein, measures the minimum number of single-character changes (insertions, deletions or substitutions) required to turn one word into another. This metric is particularly useful in automated text processing and correction.

Application example: Correcting common typos

Let’s look at a practical example. In a documentation process, the word “feet” could accidentally be recorded as “feat”. This can lead to misunderstandings or even incorrect data interpretations. This is where the Levenshtein distance comes into play.

The script

# Assuming this is the extracted value

extracted_value = get_field_value("field_name")

# Target word

target_word = "feet"

# Calculation of the Levenshtein distance

distance = levenshtein_distance(extracted_value, target_word)

# Set acceptable threshold for the distance

threshold = 2

# Check whether the distance is within the threshold

if distance <= threshold:

# Set the field value to the correct word

 set_field_value("field_name", target_word)

Why is Levenshtein distance important?

  • Error correction: In accounting and IT, where accuracy is critical, Levenshtein distance helps to identify and correct human typing errors.
  • Data quality: Improving data quality by correcting errors is essential for the reliability of business reports and analyses.
  • Time saving: Automated correction saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual review and correction.
  • Versatility: It is applicable in different languages and text types and can be used in numerous business applications.


Levenshtein distance is a powerful tool in the world of automated document processing. It helps to increase accuracy, improve data quality and make workflows more efficient. For IT professionals, accountants and business people, an understanding of this technique is essential to master the challenges of modern data processing.

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Why Levenshtein distance is essential in document processing

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