We have received the order and it is being processed…

Ever heard or received a message of this kind? For sure. Everyone who has ordered from Amazon, has also ever received a message about the acceptance of his order. This message is nothing more than the so-called order confirmation (AB). It serves to fix a previously created order or customer order again in writing (by mail, fax or mail). The writing of an order confirmation is not obligatory and is also not bound to a certain form. However, it has become so common that it can be regarded as a rule today.

By sending an order confirmation, misunderstandings can be prevented, as everything can be recorded and checked in writing. In the case of a verbal/telephone order, it can be used as a reassurance. It informs the customer about the current status and gives him more security. And if a dispute should arise, the order confirmation can serve as evidence.

In order for an order confirmation to be valid as a piece of evidence, it should contain the following information:

  • Description and quantity of the goods
  • Price / cost of freight and packaging
  • Date of production and delivery (expected)
  • Regulation on delivery
  • Terms of payment
  • Retention of title / reference to the general terms and conditions of business
  • Contact person / contact details


Of course, just like invoices or orders, order confirmations are among the documents in a company that need to be processed.

And this is exactly where we come into play. With our DocBits software solution, developed precisely for this area, we help you to process documents in a simple and intelligent way. DocBits is based on an AI swarm intelligence and has the ability to keep learning (machine learning). DocBits is not only able to read header data, but much more.

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Order conirmation
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