How you can work with other companies to automate your document processing

This might seem contradictory at first sight but it is really possible to optimize your processes by working in a community with other companies and even your competitors. This can be simply achieved by introducing swarmintelligence. So what does this term exactly mean?

Swarm intelligence is a branch of AI that uses the collective work of people to train the specific AI model. Let’s take document processing as an example. The amount of different document structures and layouts that suppliers use is unlimited, which makes it sometimes a difficult task for document capturing softwares to automatically classify and extract the documents. The solution here is the introduction of swarm intelligence. The biggest advantage is that nobody does the work alone, since the training is shared between many companies and their users.

Cloud-based Storage Location Solution

With DocBits we have integrated swarm intelligence to our AI-based repository to easily automate document processing. This means that our customers share the same Cloud-based repository where they can create, delete and manage the classification and extraction rules for their document processing. If company A processes all their supplier documents and trains the software with a simple click, company B, C, D & E can profit from already-trained document types and layouts. It’s a win-win situation for everybody!

Companies can forget about configuring and programming supplier-based templates and can already profit from a self-learning system with DocBits.


The Japanese author, Ryunosuke Satoro, once said : “Each individual is a drop, together we are an ocean.”

This proverb can be perfectly applied to DocBits. The more documents are read in, the more the AI swarm intelligence can learn and provide. It does not matter from which company the documents are read in and trained. Let’s be a ocean together and benefit from the advantages that DocBits brings with it.

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How you can work with other companies to automate your document processing

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