Mastering PO Matching in Real-World Scenarios

A Comprehensive Guide for IDP Tools Users

In the dynamic business world, purchase order (PO) reconciliation is more than just a process – it’s a key component to maintaining financial accuracy and operational efficiency. IDP tools are at the forefront with robust capabilities to simplify and optimise this essential task. Here, we dive into real-world scenarios and uncover key practices and strategies for seamlessly reconciling purchase orders and invoices.

Purchase Order and Invoice Reconciliation

Ensuring alignment between purchase orders and corresponding invoices

Action Steps for Inbound
PO Matching

Identifying and outlining necessary actions for matching inbound purchase orders

Address Discrepancies in Shipping Information

Addressing and correcting any issues related to 'Ship To' addresses in purchase orders

Outstanding Issues with
PO Compliance

Investigating and resolving any lingering compliance issues related to purchase orders

Audit of Recurring PO Invoices

Reviewing previously invoiced purchase orders for accuracy and consistency

Discrepancy Review for Invoice Quantities

Comparing invoice quantities against purchase orders to spot overages or shortages

Verification of Under-Delivered Invoice Quantities

Confirming cases where the invoice quantity is less than what was ordered.

Assessment of Additional
Fee Applications

Evaluating any additional charges applied beyond the original purchase order terms.

Price Tolerance Analysis
with Extra Fees

Checking price tolerance thresholds in the presence of additional fees

Handling Exceptions for Special Inventory Items

Managing special cases such as non-stock or phantom items

Processing Transactions Without Purchase Orders

Handling cases where transactions are processed without standard purchase orders.

Workflow Routing

Optimizing workflow routing for various business scenarios

Workflow Validation and Troubleshooting

Addressing and resolving workflow validation issues to ensure process integrity

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