Address Discrepancies in Shipping Information

Addressing and correcting any issues related to ‘Ship To’ addresses in purchase orders

In the scenario of addressing invoices with invalid PO numbers yet valid ‘Ship To’ addresses, the initial step involves using an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) system to automatically extract and validate key invoice data, including the PO number and the ‘Ship To’ address.

Upon detection of an invalid PO number, the system flags the invoice for further review. This triggers a manual intervention process, where a responsible team, such as the Accounts Payable department, is notified to investigate and rectify the discrepancy. They may need to consult additional documentation or contact the supplier to obtain the correct PO number. 

Once resolved, the updated invoice details are re-entered into the IDP system for final processing and reconciliation with the corresponding purchase order, ensuring accurate and efficient handling of inbound invoices.

Initial Invoice Receipt

The IDP system receives the invoice and extracts key data such as PO number, 'Ship To' address, and invoice details.

Data Validation

The system checks the extracted PO number against the database of valid POs.

Simultaneously, it validates the 'Ship To' address to ensure it matches a known, valid location.

Invalid PO Number Identification

If the PO number is found to be invalid (or not matching any record in the system), the invoice is flagged for further review.

Automated Notification

An automated notification is sent to the responsible team (e.g., Accounts Payable or procurement team) informing them of the discrepancy.

Manual Review and Correction

The designated team reviews the flagged invoice. They may need to contact the supplier for a correct PO number or cross-reference other documents like order confirmations or shipping notices to identify the correct PO

Updating Invoice Details

Once the correct PO number is identified, the team updates the invoice details in DocBits.

Reprocessing the Invoice

With the updated PO number, the invoice is reprocessed through DocBits to match it with the corresponding purchase order.

Final Verification and Approval

The system performs a final check to ensure all details align correctly (including matching the 'Ship To' address and PO details). If all checks are successful, the invoice moves forward for approval and payment.

Handling Exceptions

In cases where a correct PO number cannot be determined, the invoice may be handled as per the organization's exception process, which could involve additional levels of review or approval.

Data Sync and Record Update

Finally, DocBits updates the records to reflect the corrected invoice details, ensuring accurate data for future reference and reporting.



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