MDE is an abbreviation for the term Machine Data Acquisition. Machine data refers to all the information that accumulates on an industrial machine. The data is divided into two types, the process data and the production data. The process data is all the information that is necessary for the operation of a machine and is generated by the operation itself, such as the control data, but also the power consumption. The production data, on the other hand, shows the production process. This includes, among other things, information on the number of pieces produced, the weight of the parts or the dimensions.

Machine data acquisition is thus the interface between production technology machines and data processing.

The aim of machine data acquisition is to analyze information from the production processes. This increases flexibility when problems may occur. Malfunctions can be detected more quickly and communicated directly via e-mail or SMS. It also provides information on machine running times, machine downtimes and maintenance status. In this way, machine downtimes can be avoided, the potential for saving increases and overall efficiency is improved.

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