With a delivery of goods we usually also get a…

… delivery bill or also called goods accompanying bill.

This is an important document that gives us information about the delivered goods and documents the delivery of our goods. 

Unlike invoicing, it is not required by law to issue a delivery bill

But most companies use it because it is beneficial for you and for the customer. 

If we decide to attach a delivery bill to our goods, we should make sure that our delivery bill contains certain mandatory data (similar to an invoice). These include:

  • Name and address of the supplier and recipient
  • Date of issue and date of delivery
  • Delivery note number and/or invoice number
  • Description, of the goods contained in the order
  • Quantity information (depending on the type of article, number of pieces, volume, weight)
  • Retention of title
  • Optional: signature of the customer confirming the delivery

Match the delivery bill

We can/should match the delivery bill with our order, our order confirmation and later with our invoice. If we do all this manually, it can take quite a bit of time. What would you say if someone or something took this work off your hands, leaving you time for other/more important things?

DocBits offers you this possibility. With DocBits you have an intelligent document processor. It is based on an AI, is constantly learning and thus offers a high level of automation in the processing of documents (and that includes delivery bills).

Stop wasting time on routine tasks and learn more about how DocBits can make your everyday work easier.

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delivery bill
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