Data extraction

from a tedious activity to an efficient process

In today’s world, which is characterized by a wealth of data, the analysis and further use of data is an omnipresent topic. In this context, the extraction of data from a wide variety of documents plays an indispensable and constantly necessary role. In many companies, however, data is still often extracted and processed manually in laborious and time-consuming processes, which is associated with an increased expenditure of time and risk of error. 

So how can these dataextraction processes be facilitated and optimized to process unstructured data into a structured format suitable for easy reuse?

The biggest challenges in data extraction

The biggest challenges in data extraction lie in the large number of form variants and document versions containing unstructured data and, in some cases, irrelevant information.

An adaptable content capture and data integration system is therefore necessary to extract the required data and process it into a structured format. And this is exactly what DocBits offers you! With DocBits flexible content capture, data from a wide variety of documents can be recognized, extracted and structured. This ordered data digitization allows data to be easily processed, stored and analyzed elsewhere, resulting in greater control and increased accuracy of captured data.

The use of an AI enables DocBits to provide simplified and structured data extraction, which increases the efficiency of these processes. It saves time, speeds up otherwise tedious turnaround times, and additionally improves the quality of the captured data.

So say goodbye to tedious and lengthy manual data typing and take advantage of DocBits in your business.

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Data extraction

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