UI for Data Validation

How to structure and organize the data from business documents

Almost all business processes begin, include or end with a document. So companies – chances are that yours too – tend to sit on a pile of data. Of which, 80% is unstructured.

Now imagine all the time and energy – and manual work you’d have to invest into organize it all.

Luckily, technology nowadays is quite advanced and can help you reduce labor immensely.

With an app like DocBits, for example.

  • DocBits normalizes and validates the data of the procurement cycle and combines AI with Swarm intelligence.
  • This is an advantage over traditional solutions or only AI solutions, where processes have to be broken down and be laboriously remedied first.
  • Not only can data be validated via the UI, but the AI is also constantly improved and trained in the background.
  • Our Swarm AI ensures that errors only happen once and that work can continue immediately.
  • Plus, our simple UI allows the untrained employee without IT knowledge to correct the error.

Do you also want to speed up your data validation process?

Want to learn more about how this is possible?

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UI for Data Validation

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