Efficient workflows


Efficient workflows How they lead companies to success A well-organized workflow is the backbone of any successful business. But what exactly is a workflow and how does it work? In this article, we will answer these questions and show what benefits an optimized workflow brings to businesses. What is a workflow? The term “workflow” (in […]

Optimize your processes


Process optimization – Who doesn’t want that? If there is a way to improve and simplify certain processes and procedures in a company, it would be pretty stupid not to use it.

3 ways to improve sales productivity


Sales leaders are always looking for ways to increase their sales teams’ productivity. Digital documents allow salespeople to spend less time on paperwork and more time selling.

Digitizing documents with AI

Digital files have a clear advantage over paper documents. Data processing technology is able to optimize document digitization via AIand machine learning. 

UI for Data Validation

data validation

Almost all business processes begin, include or end with a document. So companies tend to sit on a pile of data. Of which, 80% is unstructured.

3 reasons to automate invoice processing

invoice processing

By now, it is no secret that AI can help speed up workflows and improve processes.
Especially when it comes to invoice processing, digitalization can help companies grow immensely by saving time and money.