Documents in daily business


In every company, many documents come in and out every day. Some of them are still paper-based in many companies, while the other part reaches companies via the digital, electronic path, such as by e-mail or even online forms. All these documents can and must be processed digitally.

3 ways to improve sales productivity


Sales leaders are always looking for ways to increase their sales teams’ productivity. Digital documents allow salespeople to spend less time on paperwork and more time selling.

Digitizing documents with AI

Digital files have a clear advantage over paper documents. Data processing technology is able to optimize document digitization via AIand machine learning. 

UI for Data Validation

data validation

Almost all business processes begin, include or end with a document. So companies tend to sit on a pile of data. Of which, 80% is unstructured.

3 reasons to automate invoice processing

invoice processing

By now, it is no secret that AI can help speed up workflows and improve processes.
Especially when it comes to invoice processing, digitalization can help companies grow immensely by saving time and money.

Challenges of Structuring Data

Did you know that only 20% of company data is structured?
Chances are, you are sitting on a pile of documents. Think PDF, emails, customer feedback, patents, contracts, technical documents, sensitive documents, personnel files and so on.📑