Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Part of AI & the future of the data revolution: Today’s world revolves around data – from analyzing massive data sets to predicting trends. In this era of digitization and automation, machine learning (ML) is at the center of it all.

Document format

documents format

Document format What is it, which ones are there and what are they used for? The world of document processing has made tremendous strides in recent years. With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI), new ways of processing documents intelligently, efficiently and automatically have emerged. In businesses, documents play a central role, whether in administration, […]

Credit note

credit note

A special invoice is a credit note / billing credit note. Unlike a traditional invoice, a credit note is not written by the service provider, but by the service recipient (“customer”). This is why the settlement credit note is also called a “reverse invoice”.

Not again an invoice


No one likes getting invoices, after all, that means paying money. Much rather be on the other side and write invoices to others and then receive money. Isn’t that right?

Document processing with DocBits Version 2.0

document processing

The extraction of data from PDFs and scanned documents might not be the most interesting or challenging issue of the century. It doesn’t give you the opportunity to control a robot, play virtual games or helps you express your creativity.