Efficiency meets intelligence


Efficiency meets intelligence Revolutionary invoice processing with DocBits! In today’s business world, where time and efficiency are of the essence, invoice processing is a key process that helps companies stay on top of their finances and ensure smooth transactions. But what exactly is invoice processing, and how can it help your business move forward? In […]

Process incoming invoices efficiently

incoming invoice

In the past, but also in the present, incoming invoices have been a commonplace but often time-consuming element in business value accounting and financial management.

XInvoice: What is it?


Learn how Electronic Invoicing helps businesses streamline the invoicing process and is the XInvoice standard.

Efficient invoice processing with DocBits

Efficient invoice processing with DocBits Simplify your document processing with AI Invoice processing is a time-consuming and tedious task that is a major challenge in many businesses. Not only can manually capturing, reviewing, and processing invoices take a lot of time, but it can also lead to human error. After all, as the saying goes, […]

Not again an invoice


No one likes getting invoices, after all, that means paying money. Much rather be on the other side and write invoices to others and then receive money. Isn’t that right?

ZUGFeRD Invoice


Are you still sending out paper invoices to your business partners?
Then you may be part of a dying breed. Although 90 percent of all invoices worldwide are still being sent out by post, experts predict that electronic invoices will make up the lion’s share by the middle of the next decade.

Digitizing documents with AI

Digital files have a clear advantage over paper documents. Data processing technology is able to optimize document digitization via AIand machine learning. 

3 reasons to automate invoice processing

invoice processing

By now, it is no secret that AI can help speed up workflows and improve processes.
Especially when it comes to invoice processing, digitalization can help companies grow immensely by saving time and money.

Challenges of Structuring Data

Did you know that only 20% of company data is structured?
Chances are, you are sitting on a pile of documents. Think PDF, emails, customer feedback, patents, contracts, technical documents, sensitive documents, personnel files and so on.📑