ZUGFeRD Invoice

Are you still sending out paper invoices to your business partners?

Then you may be part of a dying breed. Although 90 percent of all invoices worldwide are still being sent out by post, experts predict that electronic invoices will make up the lion’s share by the middle of the next decade.

There is an abundance of different data formats for e-invoices. So it’s high time for standardization. The ZUGFeRD standard has become increasingly established in German-speaking countries.

But what is a ZUGFeRD invoice anyway?

The abbreviation ZUGFeRD stands for “Central User Guide of the Electronic Invoice Forum Germany” and at the same time for a format for electronic invoices. In addition to the XML file containing the invoice data, the ZUGFeRD 2.0 standard contains a visual document in the form of a PDF. The aim of this standardized invoice format is the uniform exchange of electronic invoices.

ZUGFeRD 2.0 is compatible with the EU requirements for electronic invoices. However, the German e-invoice regulation stipulates that e-invoices are accepted exclusively as XInvoices.

With DOC² you can even create a ZUGFeRD file from a common PDF Invoice.

And this is quite easy. The only thing you have to do is:

  • Log in to DOC² (https://app.polydocs.io/ ) with your access data.
  • Go to SETTINGS -> EXPORT -> activate or add the Export Method for ZUGFeRD. Then upload your PDF file. 
  • Validate the invoice Details and Line Items, confirm and export the document.
  • As soon as the status of the document is on Finished you are able to download the ZUGFeRD PDF with XML attachment.

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ZUGFeRD Invoice

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