Infor CloudSuite Automotive

The future of the automotive industry

A manufacturer of brake discs, wheel hubs, connecting rods and other automotive parts needs a system that is tailored to its industry. A system that can integrate not only with legacy systems, but also with preconfigured interfaces to its customers and suppliers.

To be successful in the automotive industry, companies must continually optimize their business processes and modernize their systems. That’s where “Infor CloudSuite Automotiv” comes in – a breakthrough solution designed specifically for companies in the automotive industry to help them increase their competitiveness and accelerate their digital transformation.

What is Infor CloudSuite Automotive?

Infor CloudSuite Automotive is a powerful, cloud-based enterprise solution designed specifically for the unique needs of the automotive industry and ready for immediate deployment. It combines industry-specific features, advanced technologies, and a user-friendly design to help automotive companies streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve collaboration across the enterprise.

Benefits of Infor CloudSuite Automotive:

CloudSuite Automotive provides continuous availability and out-of-the-box functionality to support manufacturing outsourcing, new unit development, and many other benefits.

Industry-specific functionality: Infor CloudSuite Automotive offers a wide range of functionality tailored specifically to the needs of the automotive industry. From order processing to supply chain management to financial planning, companies get a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of their business.

Scalability and flexibility: The automotive industry is known for its seasonality and volatility. Infor CloudSuite Automotive is highly flexible and scalable, allowing companies to fine-tune their resources to meet the demands of the market.

Real-time insights and data analytics: The solution provides real-time data analytics and reporting, enabling companies to make informed decisions and optimize performance. By analyzing data, trends can be spotted, bottlenecks identified, and opportunities exploited.

Security and Compliance: Infor CloudSuite Automotive meets the highest security standards and compliance requirements in the industry. Companies can rest assured that their data is protected and that they are complying with regulatory requirements.

DocBits + Infor CloudSuite Automotive

As an Infor Alliance Partner, FELLOWPRO AG supports companies in their digital transformation and offers them an optimal document processing solution with DocBits. 

DocBits leverages advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and optical character recognition (OCR) to automate and streamline document processing. With DocBits, you also extract data such as batch numbers and surcharges (e.g., copper surcharges) from your invoices with ease.

Additionally, DocBits integrates seamlessly with Infor CloudSuite Automotive, enabling companies to automate their document management, streamline processes and increase efficiency. With DocBits, companies can leave their paper-based processes behind and move into the digital future.


Overall, Infor CloudSuite Automotiv offers a forward-thinking solution for companies in the automotive industry. The combination of industry-specific features, scalability, real-time analytics, and seamless integration with DocBits makes it an indispensable tool to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. FELLOWPRO AG stands by companies as an experienced partner to help them implement this solution and accompany their journey towards a successful digital transformation.


Image credits: Header- & Featured image from azerbaijan_stockers on Freepik