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Your 24/7 employee In the digital age, efficiency is the key to success. Companies are constantly looking for ways to optimise their operations and save time and resources in the process. This is where the DocBits Article Module Auto Accounting comes into play – your new employee who works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Developed by FELLOWPRO AG, this module brings a revolution to ERP management. 

Who needs it?

Whether you are an ERP manager or a financial accountant, this module is a real gem. It automates complex accounting tasks, saving time and ensuring accuracy. 

24/7 availability

In a world that never sleeps, round-the-clock availability is invaluable. With Auto Accounting, you no longer have to worry about overtime or public holidays. Your “digital employee” takes care of it.


The main task of this module is to automate various aspects of accounting. From account management to billing – everything is covered. And the best thing about it? No coding required!

Swarm intelligence

The module uses swarm intelligence for seamless training and customisation to your specific requirements. With an accuracy of over 95%, the system is both reliable and flexible. 

Fair use pricing

Cost efficiency is another advantage. FELLOWPRO AG offers fair-use pricing models where you only pay for the document pages you actually use. So you get real value for your money. 

Support & Training

If you are new to the system or need support, we offer a comprehensive range of video training and free support. And if you want to try out the system first, there’s even a 30-day free trial.

Success stories

Companies like Pfaudler have already recognised the benefits of this system and revolutionised their operations. You can also be inspired by the success stories on the Infor Marketplace.


The DocBits Article Module Auto Accounting is more than just another ERP module. It’s your reliable, round-the-clock assistant, programmed to make your life easier. Ready for the ERP revolution? Then immerse yourself in the world of DocBits by FELLOWPRO AG.

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