OCR vs. IDP What are the differences? The digital transformation has revolutionised the way companies process documents. Two important technologies play a central role in this: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). But what is behind these technologies, how do they work and what benefits do they bring? Optical Character Recognition (OCR) […]

Obligatory e-invoicing starting in 2025


The electronic invoice or e-invoice is already firmly established in the federal administration. From 1 January 2025, it will also become obligatory for all companies. What does this mean for companies?

Welcome to the future of work


Have you ever thought about what the future of the world of work could look like? This is a question that not only concerns us, but also many others.

The evolution of invoices


For some time now, companies have been focussing more and more on e-invoicing. Our world, and the business world in particular, is becoming increasingly digitalised and business processes need to run more and more efficiently.

Effortless PO Matching in Infor LN and M3

PO Matching

In the intricate world of enterprise resource planning (ERP), ensuring a seamless and efficient Purchase Order (PO) matching process is a pivotal aspect of operations. This is where the innovative DocBits solution by FELLOWPRO AG marks its territory, especially in the realms of Infor LN and M3 systems.

From Order to Invoice

PO Matching

In the complex world of enterprise resource planning (ERP), the journey from order to invoice is pivotal. This is where DocBits, a groundbreaking solution by FELLOWPRO AG, plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless Purchase Order (PO) matching.

The evolution of accounts payable

accounts payable

In today’s business world, the terms “artificial intelligence” and “automation” are ubiquitous, but their mention doesn’t always evoke exclusively positive associations.

The Future of PO Processing

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise resource planning (ERP), the future of Purchase Order (PO) processing is being reshaped by innovative technologies.