DocBits Integration to Infor

What is Infor CloudSuite Automotive?

DocBits is the newest document capturing software and solution developed by FELLOWPRO. It’s a completely AI and cloud-based solution that enables optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities and provides with a more automatic and self-learning capturing process. Most importantly is that apart from the extraction of meaningful data, it can also offer numerous connection functions for ERP systems such as Infor, SAP, Microsoft and many more. 

Today it’s going to be all about these connection functions and integration with Infor. The goal is to export the digitized documents to IDM and the extracted data to LN as well. 

So, today we are going to focus on the simple and powerful integration with DocBits The main goal is to be able to archive the digitized documents from DocBits to IDM – Document Management system of Infor – and to the ERP system of LN. But which steps need to be followed to do this integration? 

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DocBits Integration to Infor

Image credits: Header- & Featured image by jcomp on Freepik