What is “PPS”?

PPS stands for Production Planning and Control System. This is a computer program/software tool designed to help companies plan, control and monitor production, as well as manage the data generated in the process. 

It is composed of production planning and production control. In production planning, production processes are pre-planned in the medium to short-term, and in production control, the planned production orders are placed, controlled and monitored.

The software analyzes all processes and provides objective results that help those responsible for production, purchasing, and sales to make better decisions. 

Advantages of PPS:

The use of a PPS system can reduce lead times in production, bring about an even utilization of machines, ensure a high level of delivery readiness and adherence to delivery dates, and reduce inventories and thus capital commitment.

For these reasons, a PPS system is certainly helpful for all companies in production/manufacturing – regardless of whether they are SMEs or large corporations. In this context, it is not uncommon for a PPS to already be integrated into an ERP system.

Image credits: Header- & Featured image by Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay