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Infor LN – An ERP solution for Manufacturing Companies

Infor LN is one of the main ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions for complex small and large manufacturing companies, developed by Infor. Being very easy to use, LN reduces complexity and day-to-day operations, providing complete planning system and covering all business processes during the entire chain - from designing and planning to sales and customer service.


automates Invoice Processing for Infor LN

LN supports projects in many different types of manufactures such as industrial equipment, automotive, aerospace, high-tech, electronics and many others. Using this software, companies have a huge potential to improve their agility, lowering their cost of ownership.

Infor LN is a multi-language system which provides flexible global business operations support through all departments, passing by finance, warehousing, freight management, and aftermarket service. It contains automated alerts which helps to prioritize issues and address them immediately to the right sector. Using LN, companies can manage manufacturers and service functions with just one ERP system without customizations.

Implementing this software, manufacturing corporations have much more organizational transparency, optimize their internal and external processes, and reduce the software customizations necessary to maintain their competitive edge.

Infor LN also allows business to manage a network of people, activities, information, technology, and resources effectively and economically. This integration added to sophisticated analytics, drive the company’s board to more assertive decisions and help them to offer an incredible experience to their customers, developing actionable insights to data.

One great differential from Infor LN is that, besides the ERP system, Infor OS technology connects the LN software with several top-rated applications that can solve different types of business problems. Another interesting point is that Infor Ming.le™ has the tool of social network to ERP systems, allowing employees to collaborate virtually for problem solving.

Main benefits of an Infor LN System

  • Gain confidence with global financial visibility
  • Deliver operational excellence
  • Create low-cost, agile supply chains
  • Make the transition to a service-centric business model

If your manufacturing company needs a system which will transform your day-to-day, ensuring high performance and low cost, talk to us.

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DOC2 automates Invoice Processing for Infor LN

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